Throwback Thursday

These all give me so much nostalgia and remind me of the early stages of my life. Here are a few toys, TV shows, and books I used to love and was obsessed with when I was a lot younger!


4th or 3rd grade was when I had a big Beanie Boo obsession, I named them all different names and would sleep, play, and take them everywhere with me.


In primary school I used to watch the Monster movies all the time, I would watch one after another and just never get bored of the same movies. I also had a lot of the dolls, I still remember that my favorite character was Draculaura.


From ages probably 1-3 or 4 I was absolutely obsessed with Dora! I had Dora toys, blankets, play tents, and my bed was even Dora themed.


My elementary school had a library we would go to every Tuesday and one Tuesday afternoon I had checked out a Dork Dairies book, soon after I had bought and checked out so many of those books. This is when I realized that I really like reading it just depends on what the book is.


I absolutely adored these books in early primary school, they were easy to read and were picture books, perfect for 6-7 year old me!

Guess what the picture is

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6

Picture #7

Picture #8

Answer key:

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6

Picture #7

Picture #8

How many did you guess correctly? Which one was the most confusing and hard to guess? Which picture was the easiest to guess? I hope you enjoyed this fun “Guess what it is” quiz!

Day in my life

On a normal day I get up at 6:00 am to get ready for school, I then get dressed in my outfit for the day. After that I go to my bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my hair. After I  have gotten ready for my day I head upstairs to fill my water bottle and wait to get in the car. Once I get out of  the car I head into the school and up the stairs to my first period, which is science class.

I like science I enjoy it and I’ve never really struggled in the subject. After science class I head to my 2nd period which is Journalism, we get to do photography and blog posts which is pretty easy and fun! Then once 2nd period has ended I go down the stairs to my Spanish class, I find Spanish pretty easy as long as you pay attention and get your work done. My math class is after Spanish so I head all the way done the hallway past the lunchroom and go threw the doors to the out side since my math class is in the portables. Then after math class I head to the lunch room for B lunch. I usually sit in the  field with some of my friends and we talk and I really enjoy it. Once the lunch bell rings I head to my ELA class which is also in the portables. ELA is probably my favorite class because all my friends have that class with me. I then go inside the building up the stairs to my final class of the day, Utah Studies. This class is okay I don’t really like the teacher but besides that I guess its fine. Then once the final bell of the day has rung everyone bursts out of the classroom filled with excitement of getting to go home, including me. I walk all the way over to the school across the street and get into my dad or stepmoms car (depends on the day). Once I get home I usually have a snack and give myself some time to relax after the busy school day. If I have homework to do that night I’ll go downstairs to room and get it done. Then afterwards I will take a shower and get myself ready for bed. I fall asleep really easily so it doesn’t take much for me to fall asleep. Thats a day in the life of my boring school day!

The Anaconda Plan

The military strategy, known as the Anaconda Plan, was proposed by the Union General Winfield Scott. This was early on in the American Civil war. His plan had three main parts, part one was to blockade all Confederate states Southern and Eastern ports, part two was to take control of the Mississippi river which would split the South, and finally take control of the Tennessee valley and march to the coast though Georgia.

Since this plan was rather aggressive, people compared it to an anaconda trapping and suffocating its victim, this gave the military strategy its famous name.

Winfield Scott

Reflection on the past 2 years

Ever since March 2020 things have not felt the same, everything feels so much more different and I am not totally sure how I feel about it.

Lets start with school, since the pandemic struck students have had to do a lot of their work online. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand its easier to contact teachers and get work done when you are absent from in-person school, but on the other hand technology can be so frustrating to deal with sometimes.

As for travel, now whenever my family wants to take a trip or really anyone you have to check the regulations of the place you are going to. Its gotten to the point of where family really just sits at home and doesn’t do much, yeah we will go out but as much as we used to. One thing that I am a little glad about is that the pandemic has made people a lot more hygienic, this isn’t something big but I have always been a bit of a germaphobe and it makes me glad that some people are finally starting to realize that they need to care about their personal hygiene.

Review on Converse high tops

I have a pair of Converse high tops and I wear them everywhere I go. They look really nice and you can style them with so many different outfits! I have had mine since around the end of 6th grade, and they are still holding together pretty well. There are also many different colors and types of Converse, so if you would prefer platforms, low tops, or a different color, you are not limited to just one option!

Though, there are definitely some negatives to the shoe also. When walking long distances or running a lot they can be pretty painful for your feet, this is because the bottom of the shoe is flat and doesn’t curve in like your feet do. Also, and especially recently due to how much more popular Converse have gotten, they can be pretty pricey. On average a simple pair of high tops can be 85$, and some other types like their Run Star Hike Platforms are 110$!

Overall, if you’re looking into buying someone or yourself a pair of converse, I say do it as long as you or that person will actually wear them; or you can spend your money however you wan’t I don’t really care. If you would like to visit the converse website, click here.

Results from my favorite brands poll!

In my favorite brands poll I had put multiple questions asking if you preferred one brand over the other, and some of the answers surprised a little!

I did not expect so many people to pick Vans over Dc Martens. Though I kind of understand mainly because of how expensive Dc Martens can be.

Nobody picked Walmart and I understand, I shop a lot at Harmons because its the closes shopping center to my house, and their food tends to be nicer than Walmarts.

I agree with the Dasani on this one, Im not really sure why I like their water more than Aquafina’s, but I just do.

Olive Garden is probably my favorite restaurant, their Fettuccine Alfredo is so good, and their breadsticks are to die for!

20 things I want to accomplish before I turn 20


I have always wanted to travel to somewhere outside of the US, especially Italy. My dad has been to Venice in Italy a few times and he has told me how beautiful it is their and it is known for it’s “Floating City”.



When I work for something I always feel more prideful about it then it just being handed to me; same thing goes for money. I really like the idea of earning my own money, whether I babysit or work at Target I just want to feel more independent. If you are looking to get a job at Target, you can sign up here.


My entire life I have loved art. I would spend hours of my day in preschool just coloring and drawing, and I still have that passion for art. I have multiple sketchbooks filled with drawings and I love experimenting with my art style; and over time I hope and will learn and grow!


My mothers first language was Spanish and she was from Spain! Also, my stepmother and her family is from El Salvador and they all speak Spanish. I am already taking steps to this goal by taking Spanish classes. One site that helps me a lot with learning languages is Duolingo! You can visit their site here.


I already have a ukulele but I just have to take the time to learn to play it. I have never really been good with instruments. I took piano lessons when I was eight and I really didn’t like it, but the ukulele is a simple instrument and it would be nice to be able to play for my family!


I have always had a sweet tooth and loved making things, and baking is the perfect thing to satisfy both of those desires! The main thing I love about baking is the special scents you smell when making everything. Something about baking is so nostalgic for me and it makes me so happy! You can find one of my favorite recipes here.


Growing up and even now I love cities. London is located in the UK and I love everything about it! From its famous buildings to its bright red double decker buses. I really hope someday i’ll be able to go their and have a great time.



I’m pretty sure most people can agree that animals are one of the best things ever. Especially cats, though due to family members being allergic I can’t have a cat. But if I volunteer at a animal shelter I can spend time with cats and take care of them free of charge! If you are thinking of volunteering at a animal shelter in the possible future, click here.


Though I’m quite nervous about driving, it would be nice to be able to go anywhere I want without having to have someone drive me. I also feel as if it’ll give me a sense of freedom; and i’ll be able to drive when I’m moved out.


Ever since the start of 6th grade I’ve struggled in school a little more than what’s normal for me; especially recently. I do care about my grades so I want to improve a lot mainly because in high school is where it really starts to count.


I love cold climates, winter is my favorite season. So Canada would be a great place to go! Quebec is one of Canada’s most populated areas, it’s also a French speaking province and it produces a lot of maple syrup.


Reading definitely has not always been my favorite thing to do, but I actually really enjoy it if the book is interesting and entertaining. Reading is also the fastest way to expand your vocabulary and it can reduce your stress by 68 percent.


The way the brain works has always fascinated me. It is so intriguing and interesting to learn about. I’ve actually been thinking about taking it up at a possible career choice!


This is mainly because next year i’m transferring to a new school and I am defiantly not good in the siltiest with making friends; or just interacting with people in general. I have always been pretty self conscious and its held me back from doing so many things. I know that if I improve on this school will be a lot more enjoyable for me!


This one will take a while to do, but it seems like such a cool instrument to learn how to play! My father has taken guitar lessons in the past and he seemed to really like it. If you are looking to take guitar lessons, click here.


I’m not sure where exactly I want to go to collage at, but I know that I want to go.  I’ll be 17 when I graduate high school, and I want to be able to get out of my parents house as fast as possible.


France has such well known and beautiful architecture, like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. It would be so much fun to go there and visit its famous art museums; or maybe go see it’s creepy Catacombs.



In the Campaign region of Italy, you will find the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. On the date August 24, 79 Ce, a ginormous eruption from Mount Vesuvius showered volcanic debris all over the city of Pompeii. It would be so cool to see the place where the historical event took place.


The main thing that I would like to see in New Zealand is the Hobbiton movie set tours. My father and I both really love the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, so this would be such a cool experience seeing the actual filming location. And it is so beautiful with all the green especially compared to dead dry Utah.


My avatar family

This is my sister. She is the oldest out of all of my siblings! Her name is Madison and she is twenty five years old. We have never been really close because our huge age difference but i’ll sometimes go over to her house.

This is my brother Conner. He is the second oldest of my siblings and is twenty six years old. He has a pet Chameleon named Harley and she is super cute.

Next is my brother Seth. He just recently turned twenty two and is the second youngest. I have always been closer to him than any of my other siblings mainly because I got to see him a lot more than my other siblings when I was younger.

Last but not least is my dad. My dad is fifty years old and he will soon be fifty one. My entire life I have always been really close with my dad. Although I may not always agree with him I will always love him. In real life my dad has a lot more gray hair and doesn’t look nearly as young.